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The Snowkite is a new alternative of Kiter experience, this sensation makes us find new landscapes and with a sport that opens us new possibilities and places to fly.

Thanks to the evolution of materials (Kites, Foils, Splitboards, communication, etc) and the preview and reading of the climate and mountains, today we can get closer and closer to new places. Kitear virgin spots full of snow and with amazing views is part of the tour and experience. Reaching these areas requires knowledge and security.

Guided by sports professionals, we offer Explore Snowkite Spots to live the Experiences in a safe and effective way.

It includes:

> Transfers to Spots + Guides & Instruction + Test Equipment + Security Elements & Insurance + Permits + Lunch & Snacks

(* Rate per guide and for limited places)

Heli Kite Session

The HELI KITE is an exploration alternative, to conquer new mountains, the beauty of flying over the snowy peaks and choose places to Kitear that until now were unattainable !!!

Patagonia has incredibly virgin places to enjoy and explore. Depending on the conditions there is always a Spot to discover. From the heights everything is different, the visual and real exploration of being able to conquer the mountains leaves us a mark for the whole life of Unique Experiences.

Guided by sports professionals, we offer Heli Kite Sessions to fly to unforgettable experiences.

It includes:

> Helicopter + Transfers to Spots + Guides & Instruction + Test Equipment + Elements of Security & Insurance + Permits + Lunch & Snacks.

(* Rate per person and for limited places)


Chapelco is a Ski Center that during the winter has different Spots to enjoy kitear. In addition to the services of the mountain in all its immensity, Snowkite extends the limits and leads us to explore new spaces.

Depending on the weather condition, inside Chapelco, we can easily travel and learn about the wind and Snowkite. Very good center to practice and evolve daily ... In addition to enjoying the station and all its services.

Guided by sports professionals, we offer Snowkite Sessions to learn and gain more experience safely and in less time learning.

It includes:

> Accompaniment and Orientation in the Spots + Instruction + Test Equipment + Security Elements + Permits + Session 2 hs.

(* Rate per person, does not include ski pass)

C4 Training in Snowkite

Technique and Security "It is the basis of the principle".
Knowledge is the key to income to achieve a secure goal. The high mountain is an incredible place, but only with awareness can you enjoy it.

​To train is to add safety, tranquility and respect in extreme sport. Enjoying it or not will depend on our ability. A safe mountain is an incredible experience.

Guided by sports professionals, we offer C4 Training in Snowkite to incorporate the knowledge necessary to enjoy the mountain safely. Be an independent Snowkiter

> 1 Week of Theoretical and Practical Course of Snowkite in Mountain. Security, Rescue, Avalanches, Crossing and Orientation, Ski and Snowboard Technique, Mountain Winds, Geography of Spots.

(* Limited places, Does not include Passes to Chapelco, Hotels, Food)

See C4 Training Program

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