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C4 Snow Kite Course
Snowkite Training in Mountain

Expand our Horizons ...

Live new Experiences ...

Meet a new spot, a place to fly with our kite, where we share life philosophies and ways to walk.

Technique and Security

Knowledge is the key to income to achieve a secure goal. The high mountain is an incredible place, but only with awareness can you enjoy it.

To train is to add safety, tranquility and respect in extreme sport. Enjoying it or not will depend on our ability. A safe mountain is an incredible experience.



The sport shares many similarities with kitesurfing on water, especially the handling of the sail, and although the table changes, the way of navigation is similar.

The most marked difference with the mountain has to do with geography, the force of gravity by the difference of slopes and the varied dynamism of the wind. These influence a lot in the walk. Understanding these concepts is essential. The way they merge gives us the pattern of the terrain in which we are going to fly, and above all things, the precautions that we must take into account.

C4 is an initial training, and essential, to be able to be an independent and safe kiter in high mountain. Begin to understand the terrain and its uncertain nature gives us the tools to safely make trips. The climate is changing, and the lands are giant, the exploration of their corners is proportional to the knowledge we have.

Evolutionary Method:

Theory Analysis . Understanding . Technique . Practice


C4 Training of 4 levels

C1. Interpretation of the Land. Dynamic Winds, Venturis, Thermal, Laminar and Apparent. Incidence of slopes and force of gravity. Joint relationship with respect to navigation and its technique.


C2. Equipment and technical variables. Configuration and security. Emergencies and solutions. Correct handling of the elements.


C3. Analysis and reading of Mountains. Safety on slopes and avalanches. Freeride crossing.


C4. Real Exploration. Analysis and conclusion of the Experience. Snowkite Independent.


+ HELI KITE*. Overflight & helicopter crossing in high mountains. Visual experience and conclusion of everything incorporated. Camp and real experience.



There are 7 days covering a broad spectrum of techniques, safety and field practices. The more knowledge we incorporate, the more tools will be available to enjoy the mountain independently.

A complete C4 certification is a great advantage in safety, saving time in learning and reading the terrain.

Suitable for those who want to develop the sport independently or to add future kiters safely. Snowkite grows and so do we.


Transmit knowledge to strengthen security and thus be able to explore new horizons from the High Mountains with the Snowkite.

Extreme sport should be carried with respect, adrenaline, safety and pleasure.

Available dates

. July 
. August 

. September 

> 1 Week of Theoretical and Practical Course of Snowkite in Mountain. Security, Rescue, Avalanches, Crossing and Orientation, Ski and Snowboard Technique, Mountain Winds, Geography of Spots.

(* Limited places, Does not include Passes to Chapelco, Hotels, Food, Heli Session)

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